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Truly, this is more a home than a small kennel, our labs are “our babies”, since our biological children have all left to make homes and children of their own. Some of the dogs have outside kennels, but all have the run of the house and grounds. Two very special ones share our king size bed, others have their beds in the room and prefer them than being crowded. All are part of the family….I welcome you to our household, and invite you to meet our beauties.


I have always loved all animals, but had a special love for dogs, and have always had at least one ever since I can remember. I had small ones and large ones, purebred and mixed; and then I bought “Jerry”, my first Labrador Retriever. He kind of picked me when I went to look at the puppies, and would not allow me to leave him behind; he pulled on my clothes, sat on my feet, wagged his tail, yipped and chased me around. Although AKC registered, Jerry was not by any stretch of the imagination a “show” lab, but… there was so much love in that pup that he came home with me that day and gave me eight very short years of a very full and happy life. He was a mischievous nut, he loved to steal any kind of food although he knew that it was wrong; he was my walking and jogging companion; he went diving with me on the Florida Keys and would go down up to twenty feet next to me, without ever loosing sight of where I was, and, if physically he was not the “perfect standard” lab, he was the perfect one character wise. After I lost him, I could not consider any other breed of dog, only a Labrador Retriever, and however different in personality, none of my Labradors have ever let me down on LOVE.

As my love of the breed grew, I got interested in learning more about them, I researched the standards and registered breeders. The “bug” bit me hard, and got me involved in obedience, rally and conformation events. As I wanted to learn, I made many friends in shows and classes, and now we are involved in Labrador Retriever events and training Florida wide; so if you email us, please know that we may be at a show or training event for a few days. Be assured that we will answer each and every email individually, as soon as we can.
Laffitte’s Labradors was established in 2006. Our goal is breeding sound, high spirited Labrador Retrievers conforming to the breed standard. We aim for what is commonly known as “the English-style Labrador”, with its lovely temperament and kind good looks. Our Labradors are shown primarily in conformation and obedience, although they enjoy hunting waterfowl (and rabbits on the back yard).
The ideal Labrador has a powerful body, a soft expression and deep kind eyes and a desire to please. Labradors love children and play, also water and mud, (those go well together….). They are normally well mannered, always willing to please you. They are forever ready for a snack, a swim or a nap on the couch. You can not ask for a better, more loving dog anywhere.
Our primary goal is producing top show quality puppies; at times we have pet-quality puppies that are sold on AKC or UKC Limited Registration. Most often we have black Labs, as it is the color I prefer, we also have yellow and occasionally chocolate puppies are available.